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Help & Support

We provide 24hrs customer support to all our clients. To ensure quality service

Trust & reliabilty 

LAN-TRANS LLC has built trust with over 10 partners as our customers here in Russia


We ensure all our customers are satisfied regardless of any situation that may arise.

Superior service

We are committed to providing clients with the best value and service in the oil industry.

Main seaports

LAN-TRANS LLC covers all major Russian ports of the Far East, the Black Sea and the North-Western regions, river ports of the Volga-Don basin and river basin of the Amur and Lena.

Here are ports we operate:


99.9% of all fires on floating roof tanks start as a Rim Fire. A rim fire situation is still the most easy to extinguish, especially when you have the Coflexip® Rim Fire Foam System installed.

The Coflexip® Rim Fire Foam System is a fully engineered, 100% maintenance free system with an excellent reliability. Within 3 minutes after the flow of foam has started the rim will be filled completely with foam, stopping the fire completely. Numerous full-size tests have been carried out to confirm this timescale, it is part of the standard design package.

Many storage tanks used in the petrochemical industry are equipped with a skimmer system or a suction line to draw product from the upper liquid level and reduce the carryover of particles, water or any other contaminant which is present in the stored product.

The Coflexip® standard flexible steelpipe design, consisting of an articulated stainless steel carcass and an extruded thermoplastic outer jacket has, when installed in a skimmer system or used as suction line, the same advantages as when used in the drainsystem of foamsystem. The unique repeatable lay pattern needs only limited space. The simple system, only one moving component, combined with the high quality materials used ill ensure a 20 year design life trouble free operation.

The structure of the line is such that there will be no dimensional change or torsional movement when the line is suddenly pressurized, thus no movement whatsoever.

Coflexip will issue an engineering manual where all important parameters are calculated and where possible, with specific software, simulated. The lines can be delivered with production manuals, ensuring a full traceability of the components used. This is unique in the market.

High Pressure fittings will be, where possible, engineered to meet the customers requirements.